Just a note about our Golden Doodle. Finnigan was my Christmas present last year from my wife. He was a little over 7 weeks old and all feet and hair. Over the last years’ time, he has become the nucleus of the family. He’s without a doubt one of the sweetest and smartest dogs I have ever had or known. He easily learned his basic household dos and don’ts, he knows where to “go”, to stay off the furniture and other boundaries we have set for him.

Most importantly, his personality is like nothing I have ever seen before. He actually smiles! He loves to “dance” and still thinks all our other dogs and cats are his brothers and sisters. He has never ever met anyone he didn’t like. He is immediately their best friend and greets them as if he has known them for years. Recently, we brought a new stray cat into our home and Finnigan immediately sensed he needed to be gentle and give him some space.

He has learned to sit, lie down and shake hands, almost with no instruction at all. He is a joy and has become an integral part of our family. He has grown to over 60 lbs. now, but still thinks he is kitten size and would love to be a lap dog (and sometimes, he is)!

I had never heard of a Golden Doodle before we got Finnigan. What a great breed! Smart (very) loving (extremely) and happy (always)! He is still all feet and hair (he doesn’t shed) and we love him!



We are the Jones family and Ellen introduced us to our lovely Goldendoodle when he was two months old. Ellen is a responsible breeder and proud of every pup she brings into this world. When I first met "Gus" Ellen showed me how he liked to be held, chest to chest, all snuggly and cuddly, as puppy should be. Now Gus is a year old, and since he has grown, the hug is more like a body hug, and has become a morning ritual.

Ellen provided copies of his parents AKC papers, a copy of his first vet visit and a guide on proper nutrition and health for puppies. We keep in contact by e-mail and always send her pictures of Gus' adventures.

This is a wonderful breed for every dog lover. They are gentle, loving, curious, smart and have super personalities! Gus is a favorite in the neighborhood. He passed puppy training with flying colors and remains super obedient. He was exposed to puppy play early on and thinks his world is a big playground. In the fall we send our youngest off to college. My husband and I laugh, we think our new license plate will read "Gus & Us."

Update on Gus

This is our almost 5 year old Goldendoodle Gus. He is one of Ellen's puppies. He is the most loving, playful family member. He behaves well, is healthy as can be and enjoys waiting by the door for us to come home. Scratch his behind and he will do a fancy "doodle dance" !!



We are happy to recount our experience with Saffie.  We could not be happier with our girl.  We know that she had good experiences with your grandchildren and that you did a wonderful job socializing her to people.  She loves all people, but she absolutely adores children.  She romps and wrestles with our nephew, but never too rough.  Our niece, who is generally fearful of dogs, loves Saffie.  She thinks she is “the cutest puppy in the world” and enjoys playing ball with her.   I have watched her run after a toddler, staying right behind the little girl, but never bumping her and also watched her run around with a young boy she had just met, her head under his arm, happy as could be!

We enrolled in a positive training basic puppy class soon after we brought her home.  She was voted valedictorian of her class by the other dog owners.  Since then we have continued our training classes.  She picked up on the basics so easily that the trainer we work with laughed one day when we had a hard time with a new cue and told us we “finally were going to have to actually learn how to train something.”  She earned her AKC Canine Good Citizenship certification shortly after her 1st birthday, which is not easy!  

She is quite calm a good deal of the time, but not sluggishly so.  She is able to settle down when the situation calls for it, which means we can take her many places.   I’ve taken her to work and she has been able to run around greeting people calling her but then settle down and sit through staff meetings.  I’ve had co-workers tell me they didn’t even know that she was in the room after hour-long meetings that I’ve had a hard time sitting still through!  Although her great manners are in part due to all the training we have done and the work we have put in, I believe that they are also due in large part to the temperament of her parents and the fact that she got a good start with you and your family.  Saffie is an absolute joy, and everyone loves her.  We are thinking of doing some therapy dog training so that we can share her wonderful personality and temperament with others.  We’ve taken her to visit a relative in a nursing home in the past, and she enjoyed the attention almost as much as the residents enjoyed her.

She is also a healthy, very athletic girl.  We are in an introduction to dog sports class and have started an agility class.  Her trainers and veterinarian have commented on her great build, size and flexibility.  Although not as large as many of the other goldendoodles we have encountered, she is a perfect size and shape.  She loves to run and jump and play with other dogs in addition to playing ball (we are still working on bringing the ball all the way back to us) and soccer with people.  During the winter, no one ever believed us when we told them how much she weighs as her coat made her look much heftier.  Now with her summer cut, you can really see the tall, lean and agile frame she has.  We do not mind the grooming and brushing requirements of keeping her coat longer, but during the warmer months we keep her clipped shorter so she doesn’t overheat.  It also means far less brushing and combing for us during the summer!

To be honest, after losing our old dog during the winter of 2008, we had been looking for other types of puppies when a family member spotted the ad and sent us the link to your website.   After a bit of research on the combination, and talking to you, we decided to take the plunge with the female puppy you had left, whose picture we had already fallen in love with.  We feel so lucky that we found Saffie when we did.  She is truly a wonderful addition to our family.  Even the cats love her! 



Ivy is a goldendoodle from a litter that Ellen breeds.

She is a very sweet and gentle pup, loves people and gets excited when
anybody comes to visit.

She is one of the sweetest dogs that I have ever owned, easy to train,
gets along great with my grandchildren and my cats.

She also keeps my 12 year old Yellow Lab young with her cute ways of
teasing her with her toys.

I could not ask for a better companion, I love her more every day.


Finnigan as a puppy.




This is Gus.

Gus is almost 5 here.














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